About SAGA Kid:

SAGA means free play, routine, stability, understanding, collaboration, applied thinking, personal and emotional release, manufacturing, friendship, and family.

It is aimed at children in the primary cycle, and pupils in the preparatory class, and not only can they sleep at lunch, but all children can also build their own schedule and take responsibility for what they choose to do in a day.

During your visit to the SAGA Art Gallery, have coffee and a sandwich at the SAGA Café, and book a tour of the SAGA Kid experience.

About SAGA Art Gallery:

We believe that art inspires both adults and children. It sculpts the mind by fostering artistic creativity.

SAGA Café means indoor and outdoor socializing. The perfect place to drink a good cup of coffee and unwind.

We are proud to bring her art to Bucharest in gorgeous Acrylic Glass limited editions. Art from our gallery is produced here in Bucharest.

Visit SAGA Art Gallery to see the art in person and to schedule an in person meeting with an art representative.